U.S. Agency for International Development

Cross-Cutting Business Development Services

Iraqi food products on display with flag of Iraq and USAID-Inma poster in backgroundTraining: USAID-Inma provides training to supported companies and farmers to build the technical and management capacity of Iraqi farmers and agribusinesses. In technical areas, training is being provided in livestock production, forage production, irrigation principles, integrated orchard management, greenhouse production, open field vegetable production, and strawberry production. In business management, training is being provided in financial management, operation management, strategic planning and association management.

Industry Roundtables: USAID-Inma supports firm level development through roundtable meetings aimed at bringing companies within the same value chain together to discuss issues, trends and investment opportunities and benefit from their counterparts’ advice regarding daily business management. Participants are primarily representatives of private sector suppliers, growers, processors and marketing companies. Academics and representatives of provincial and national government agencies and ministries have also participated.

Technical assistance: USAID-Inma provides Iraqi agribusinesses with direct technical assistance in order to improve the adoption of technical and management practices. On-site technical assistance was provided by USAID-Inma staff and specially trained consultative companies.

Seminars/Workshops: USAID-Inma is delivering a variety of seminars and workshops to develop the capacity of Iraqi agribusinesses and associations. USAID-Inma has offered management seminars in basic record keeping, determining profits, costs and budgeting, as well as contracting and marketing. USAID-Inma also held association management training workshops aimed at addressing the sustainability of agricultural associations.

Agricultural Credit: Access to credit is a critical factor in the sustainable development of agriculture in Iraq. USAID-Inma has been providing support to microfinance institutions (MFIs) and private commercial banks to increase lending to agriculture in Iraq.

Association Development: Many of the USAID-Inma portfolio companies are owned and operated by newly formed associations. The USAID-Inma team provides support to help strengthen these associations into viable organizations that can operate a successful commercial activity.   Attention is given to association management issues, such as legal compliance and registration, membership management and retention, and board of director development, operation management and strategic planning to ensure long-term sustainability.

Conferences: Conferences provide an opportunity for the USAID-Inma team to share lessons learned with a large variety of stakeholders. Conferences have also been very effective in generating media attention in the work and results of the program.